Dutch Speed Skating Coach Jillert Anema Hates America And Football, Calls It “Stupid”

Jillert Anema can suck it.

Dutch Speed Skating Coach Jillert Anema went on an arrogant rant on CNBC, attacking American culture, American football, and just generally acted like the self-important arrogant jerk he claims Americans are.


To start with, just imagine if an American coach had done this.  Imagine the outrage at the arrogant, egotistical and blowhard American.  But judging by world reaction, what Jillert Anema did is just fine because he did it to America, rather than the other way around.  Nice double standard, and one of the reasons I personally couldn’t care less about the Olympics.  If we lose, we get attacked; if we win, we get attacked.

Beyond that, some of Anema’s points are not really supported by the facts.  At one point he says “[w]hen you come every four years, you come to Olympic Stadium and you want to fight the rest of the world, then you know your place. You got zero medals. Zero, man.”

Um, I realize that English is Mr. Anema’s second language, but here are the medal counts as of this writing:

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
Medal standings
United States

That means, Mr. Anema, that the country of “zero” medals has more medals than you do, both in gold and in total.  And, Mr. Anema, you country only has one medal that is not speed skating.

And it’s not the first time, Mr. Anema.  In the 2010 Winter Olympics, the U.S. had 37 medals; the Netherlands had 8…which is fewer in total than the U.S. had in gold medals alone.  And just as in this year’s games, most of those medals were only in skating.

Then there was this gem, again another thing an American would be absolutely castigated for saying.

You won’t beat us, not in four years, not in eight years.

But as I just pointed out above, we in fact did beat you just four years ago.  It’s not like the Netherlands has this long history of dominating speed skating.  Even in the Vancouver games, the Dutch did take quite a few medals, but so did the U.S. and other countries.  It’s not inconceivable that we could come back in four years and kick some Dutch ass.  I’m not saying we will, but history certainly doesn’t support the Dutch coach being so arrogant about having one good Olympic showing.

Then there’s this minor point:  America wins medals across the spectrum of sports, both in the summer and winter games, and often dominates the total medal count, if not the gold count.  The Dutch win medals, when they win medals, typically in just one sport:  speed skating.  Not exactly the environment in which to tell Americans how “stupid” we are to play football because the rest of the world doesn’t play it, with the obvious implication that we are unable to compete in sports that we don’t favor, like soccer.

You can stay inside in your own country, you can make your own game, like American football. Do it your own and think you’re the best of the world. But no way. When you play soccer, man, you’re just not half — you’re not belonging to the top 30 of the world, so quit. 

Apparently the Dutch are only capable of winning in the one sport that they favor.  Does nobody see the irony in talking smack about America and football under those circumstances?

Oh, and news flash for the Dutch and anybody else who agrees with this jerk of a coach:  We don’t care about soccer in America.  We don’t compete well because we just don’t care.  We do pretty well in sports we do like, like basketball, which Anema even points out that we beat the crap out of them in:

You don’t ask why a basketball team comes and beats the [expletive] out of us in the summer Olympics,” he said. “It’s because you have so many teams.

So how is it that he can acknowledge that in sports we care about that other countries play, we still kick ass, but at the same time accuse us of being “narrow minded,” which is why we can’t win in sports that other countries play but we don’t care about, like soccer?  He tries to claim that Americans can win only in sports we play but nobody else does, then contradicts himself in the next breath by pointing out that we do, in fact, win in other sports like basketball.

And if it’s a “lack of competition” that caused us to lose this year, how does he explain our medals from 2010?  Was there suddenly a great falling off of speed skating clubs across the U.S. in the last four years?

Here’s the bottom line, to Mr Anema and the rest of the world enjoying his America bashing.  We don’t care.  Americans are not sitting on the edge of our seats every day, desperately waiting for the latest news on whether or not we won the Luge.  If we win, we say “cool” and go on about our business.  If we lose, we say “oh, well, maybe next time” and go on about our business.  It doesn’t affect us much one way or the other.  And for most of us, there are a few reasons, and they are as follows:

  1. If we win, we will never get credit.  Witness hockey this year.
  2. If we lose, we get jerks like Jillert Anema talking smack about how much America sucks.
  3. If there are judges involved, American athletes will get the shaft.  There are many, many examples to point to, just one being Nancy Kerrigan getting a silver medal behind Oksana Baiul…who fell on her butt during her routine.
  4. We really only care about “American” sports like basketball and baseball.  If we lose at those, we do get pretty mad.  If we lose at curling, nobody cares.
  5. America is a country where being an Olympian is a purely private affair; the government does not fund or supervise our Olympic program like most countries’ Olympic teams.  So we figure that between that and the judging, we operate at a deficit.  The whole thing feels staged against us to an extent, so we don’t really invest too much into it one way or the other.

So Jillert Anema and the America haters can stuff it.  We’re pulling medals across the games; you won at one sport.  We win every four years like clockwork, be it summer or winter.  You win speed skating….sometimes.

And Mr. Anema’s hypocrisy in bragging about Dutch superiority while ranting against “Americans always believe they’re right, always believe that they’re the best” aside, we really, truly don’t care one way or the other.

We are the best, we are usually right, and world history over the last 125 years or so supports that view more than it works against it, Olympics or no Olympics.

Last but certainly not least, there’s this:  The U.S. has far and away the most Olympic medals of any nation in every category…2653 total.  The Netherlands has 352.

’nuff said.

  • Nick

    Your title says he hates America. Are you so in need of getting views? He overemphisasis one aspect of the American sport culture, which is selecting alot of young talent for American Football. Talent will never compete on a worldscale. Ofcourse there is alot of loud noise in the argumentation, but in essence he is saying the US has more potential for world domination in sports then they give themself credit for. And he has a point

    • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

      He also attacks America in general. Watch the whole video.

      • Rene

        He did not attack America, America attacked him in a conversation by taken speedskating not seriously.
        “America” ​​asks him what it is that their skaters perform so poorly
        If “America” ​​can not take criticism you should not ask it Anema in a interview, he is invited by “America” for a interview, not vice versa.

        • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

          America attacks him? Really? I don’t recall talking to him, and I live here. Pretty sure nobody I know was there either. Was the reporter named “America?”

          Do you know what moron means?

  • john

    So his country wins ALL its medals in just ONE discipline..speedskating, and he disses the american team? piss off loser

    • Rene

      When America ask a coach from a winning team why their team perform so poorly what do you expect for a kind of an answer? Anema is not the loser, the Amercan speedskating team are the losers…..

      • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

        Once again, dummy, the reporter is not “America.” And the Dutch are apparently the losers at everything that is not speed skating, so…..

        • Doge

          And the skating coach is not “the Dutch”. It is a opinion of one guy. I admit he was quite arrogant, but that is a feature a lot of american people also have.

          • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

            I never said he was “the Dutch.” When I say “the Dutch” it’s from personal experience. I have dozens, if not more, Dutch relatives, many of whom I spent months with in Eindhoven and elsewhere. I have met many, many Dutch people on the streets of Holland.

            And the old “Americans are arrogant” bit is old and sad. It’s the lame excuse everyone from every country gives to justify bashing us, and it doesn’t even apply. Arrogance implies false sense of one’s abilities.

            When Americans say we’re the best country, etc. it’s not false.

  • Ferdy

    If you watch the video, the first question he’s asked is why the americans lost. Pretty insulting way to start an interview with a man who just coached a recordmaking team. In good dutch tradition he gives his uncensored views on why the US weren’t successful this year. Afterwards Americans are bashing him on right wing blogs because he doesn’t like their ‘Football'(which incorporates neither a foot or a ball in the badis of the game.) Sore losers.

    • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

      Way to deflect from his America bashing, like a good little Dutch boy.

      • Ferdy

        He bashes American Football. Why would they hold training camps in the USA if he hates the country? There is enough ice in Europe were they could go. People don’t hate your country when they’re critical of it.

        • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

          No they just hate it all the time.

  • harstef

    I am pretty sure he meant 0 medals for speed skating. And, of course the USA has more medal, that might be linked to the fact that they have a population that is 20x larger. The US sent 230 athletes and won 28 medals (ok, some may be for team efforts) whereas The Netherlands sent 41 and won 24 (ok some could win multiple medals).

    Looking at the summer olympics the USA always ‘wins’ in absolute numbers, however, I think New Zealand is the overall winner as they have most medal per capita (2.95 per 1M inhabitants, versus USA 0.33 per 1M inhabitants).

    Furthermore, he did not say the US ‘sucked’, although it is true he was extremely pleased with himself. Can you blame him, being part of a such winning team? I am pretty sure I heard him say S Davis is one of the greatest skaters of the world, so I guess his critisism was aimed at both coaches & environment: he thinks Davis should have been able to win.

    Finally, you sound pretty much like Anema with your own arrogance. I guess most people are chauvinistic. I am sure the Dutch are, even though they may not notice it themselves: we like to complain, about pretty much anything, but in competition we massively turn orange. The Americans are chauvinistic as well: bragging about their cars (‘best of the world’), always having the American flag hanging, the pledge of allegiance in schools, labels on products ‘Proudly made in the USA’ just to name a few.

    Americans get agitated (or very angry) when 1 random coach of a totally unrelated sport says he hates that sport and obviously exagerates enormously when talking about its ‘dangers’.
    The Dutch get angry when a US presidential candidate (Santorum) spreads lies (not opinions, but lies) about Dutch eldery not daring to go to hospital for fear of being killed off (which is utter nonsense).

    All chauvinists, and in the end I did not win a medal, and pretty sure you did not either! I think all Olympians deserve enormous respect, no matter what country they come from. Most have trained for years on end, put aside their social lives and perform on extreme levels. I think it is insane you can loose based on a thousand of a second. I think it it sad that people can loose because they trip, someone in another lane trips. For those that win: the winnings are theirs, not ours!

    • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

      LOL @ “per capita” medals. You America haters always try to find any way you can to diminish us. Oh well. If that’s all you have, I guess you have to cling to it.

      • Amsterdammed

        Wow.. Harstef is giving valid arguments of why you shouldn’t trip balls, and in your reaction you keep on dragging about WHO WON THE MOST MEDALS! like a little boy talking big about his little sized dick.

        I’m Dutch, but I like America for the values that they have and what a beautifull country it can be. But at the same time you have your heads so far up your own asses that all of America goes crazy because one coach from a country far far away (a country of which you say you don’t even care about) makes a comment on America’s performance in speedskating.

        I mean.. A respected newspaper in your country wrights about Dutch people visiting relatives on ice skates in winter? Get your sources straight. And than this overgrown baby who is taking Anema’s interview. When he feels America is being criticised he is yelling like a spoiled little kid who doesn’t get what he want. I mean, if that is the way your presentators react on a comment, I am happy to live in a beautifull country like Holland..

        • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

          Can’t handle facts so you have to resort to talking about genitalia?

          Yep, you sure showed me who’s boss.

          And for someone yelling on about Americans yelling “like a spoiled little kid” (what’s with the little kid obsession while talking about genitalia…do you have a pedo issue?) you Dutch really can’t handle any criticism of yourselves.

          Look up the word “hypocrite” in your Dutch-English translator.

      • harstef

        The last time I said that was during the last olympics as particularly India having a population > 1/7 of world population only had 6 medals. So yes, I did comment on that particular subject.

        You seem to think that if someone is not praising the USA they are ‘bashing’. Reading both your and my reaction I am pretty sure you are the one that is ‘bashing’.

        I think it is odd that a country with so many icy-area’s performed so bad in speed skating. That is not bashing but an observation. Just as you (and I) may find it odd that in a country that performs so good on speed skating has little or no interest in figure skating, like in The Netherlands. We accually seemed to have someone who is pretty good, but no funding and no sponsoring (not enough, limited posibilities) was available, so she could not enter the winter olympics. And yes, you could say we have no curling-olypians, I would not feel you would be ‘bashing’, but just making an observation.

        I realise you have a problem with The Netherlands, but don’t let it cloud your judgement. Lighten up!

        And, yes, even in one of the sports where the Dutch were competing heavily with the Americans, being speed swimming, I enjoyed watching Micheal Phelps win!

        • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

          “The last time I said that was during the last olympics as particularly India having a population > 1/7 of world population only had 6 medals. So yes, I did comment on that particular subject.”

          You didn’t comment on it here. There was nothing in your comment about India. You focused on trying to belittle America, and now you’re trying to backtrack.

          I’m not the least bit surprised. Go polish your wooden shoes, windmill boy.

          • harstef

            Take some pills, you seem to have some psycological issues. To be clear, I mean you personally, not “the Americans” in gerenal.

            Or else try wearing wooden shoes, it might help you not to feel so “op je teentjes getrapt” all the time. The clogg-carpenter would probably be able to adjust the length in the frond for your “lange tenen”.

          • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

            Just can’t stand it, can ya? Small man with a small “little man” from a country full of small men, jealous of all the other countries that haven’t been repeatedly run over by every other country in Europe, militarily, economically and culturally.

            And yes, I’m so impressed by your Dutch. I grew up in a household that spoke Dutch, I spent three months in Eindhoven with my uncle (who still lives there), etc, and I still have my Dutch-English dictionary sitting right here. Don’t care.

            And by the way, since I speak English, I can just say “touchy” or “easily offended.” See how much more efficient that is?

            You can’t keep up in any language.

  • Rene

    America 2653, the Netherlands 352….America has 20 times more people, so when you want to compare you should win 20 times more medals. That should be 7040……!
    Think about who is the best……!

    • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

      Ah, the per capita b.s. again. Weak. By the way, would that 7040 only in speed skating, since that’s almost the only thing you ever win?