Republican National Committee Sends Out Deceptive Platform Survey Supporting Amnesty


I received a “2013 Republican platform survey” today from the Republican National Committee.  Of course I knew it was primarily a fundraising tool, but out of curiosity I opened it and decided to fill it out just for fun.

It contained the usual “do you agree that we’re right and Obama’s wrong” sort of questions, and I answered the appropriately conservative way for each.  Then I got to question #31, under Section VII – Future of the Republican Party.”

“Should Republicans develop and promote a comprehensive solution to stop illegal immigration and provide a way for illegal immigrants living in the U.S. to obtain legal documentation without blanket amnesty?”

Very clever, RNC.  If I answer “no,” then I’m not for stopping illegal immigration, and if I answer “yes,” then I’m for amnesty for illegals already here.  You can’t answer that you want to stop illegals without also supporting amnesty.  Of course they throw in the word “blanket,” but as we have seen with Marco Rubio’s Gang of Ocho legislation, that word doesn’t mean a thing and the RNC knows it.  Just for fun I answered “no,” then moved on to the fundraising section of the survey.

Unfortunately for the RNC, they also included a Section VIII for “additional comments” in that section.  So I made some comments.

“No amnesty for illegals, no pandering to Hispanics, and no bullying conservatives.  Until then, you get no money and no vote.”

I also checked the box for “other” under the “no” section of whether or not I want to participate in the RNC’s “opposition to the Obama-Democrat agenda” and set my “other” contribution at $0.  I assume that’s clear enough even for the establishment flacks at P.O. Box 96994, Washington, DC 20077-7556.

I have to admit that I don’t really believe my “survey” (read “fundraiser”) responses will be tabulated, much less my comments, because I’m not telling them what they want to hear.  But it is fun to pretend, so I decided to send the survey in anyway.  I folded it up, placed it in the postage-paid envelope (which begs me to use my own stamp to save them even that money) and sealed it up.  Or rather, I tried to seal it up.

In what has to be the most emblematic illustration of the rank incompetence of the establishment Republican party, the envelop would not close.  It was too small for the survey.  The geniuses who sized the survey designed it to fold up and fit in the outer envelope that contained the survey, the return envelope, and the propaganda letter from Reince Priebus.

Sigh.  Head shake.  Disgust.  But no surprise.

I’m bending the survey and cramming it into the envelope no matter what it takes.  Given what the RNC has cost this country in the last two presidential elections, I think they at least need to pay for that postage, damn it.

  • somatic60

    I responded to this survey similarly. I also included a handwritten note telling them that until the likes of John McCain and other moderates are no longer running the party, my donations will go to Tea Pary candidates only. I also could not get the survey to fit in the envelope, but bent it and made it work.

  • Anyone but Obama

    Yep, I responded as well. I answered all the questions and when it came down to the money, I put a big fat ZERO in there. I also wrote, ‘not freaking dime to you useless Republicans. I am voting out incumbents no matter what party. We need to replace the Republican party with all new, especially the likes of Boner, McConnell, McCain and Graham. What the eff are those two RINOs doing in Egypt anyway and who’s paying for the trip since it is not official, they took it on their own to make it.

  • smartypup

    I called the RNC during the Senate debacle prior to the amnesty vote and told them I no longer consider myself a republican and will only support individual candidates. I suggested to all my tea party friends to do the same, I have no idea who else took up my idea.