Time Warner Cable Pulls Own Poll About Customer Reaction To CBS Blackout


As I previously reported here, it is my opinion that Time Warner Cable is at fault more than CBS in the current spat over programming rates, and that Time Warner is being manipulative and deceptive in its dealings with its customers regarding the issue.  Apparently I am not the only customer who feels this way.

On Time Warner’s “Your Voice Counts” website, which is apparently where you can take polls and sign up for surveys about Time Warner programming, products, etc., there was a poll up about the CBS situation.  There were two questions, which I will paraphrase:

Question 1 was basically a “are you mad at Time Warner Cable” sort of question.  More than half the respondents had answered that they viewed Time Warner Cable more negatively or much more negatively thanks to their pulling of CBS’ channels.

Question 2 asked if customers were more likely to cancel Time Warner Cable because of the situation.  At the time about 48% of the respondents said they were more likely or much more likely to cancel TWC.

That poll was up yesterday.  As of today…..

“Quick Poll

Sorry, this poll has been temporarily disabled. We will notify you when it is back up.”
Why am I not surprised.
Incidentally, a friend of mine who actually gets these surveys via email says that they sent out the exact same questions that were in the publicly available poll through their “Your Voice Counts” system, only available by signing up for it.  Maybe Time Warner Cable is hoping for a better result if they only ask their pre-screened respondents?
  • david

    I received the invite to these surveys in the mail. You also have the chance to win 500$ every quarter whatever that means. I knew those bastards were up to no good.

  • davids

    By the way they rope you in by saying you are now a member of the TimeWarner advisory counsel.WHAT A JOKE!!